Sustainability and responsibility are the guiding principles of our company’s actions.
– Erich Sixt

360-degrees sustainable

SIXT’s business model is and has always been inherently geared towards promoting sustainability, as all our offerings ultimately follow the shared mobility concept and thus contribute to making the best possible social use of resources and establishing attractive alternatives to car ownership. Our sustainability program focuses on the fleet, charging infrastructure, the variety of offers on our mobility platform and the reduction of emissions at our own branches and locations 


Our sustainability strategy

CO2 emissionsat branches & sites Mobiltyplatform Fleet Charginginfrastructure

We have significantly increased the proportion of electrified vehicles in our rental fleet in recent years - and EVs will naturally continue to be part of our offering in the future. Customer demand plays a decisive role in the further development of the topic - as do the long-term strategies and offerings of the car manufacturers, to which SIXT as a car rental company is ultimately a subsequent party. Another aspect is that the average age of vehicles in the SIXT fleet is significantly less than one year. This way, we are helping to ensure that the latest possible vehicles are on the roads and thus vehicles that are technologically state-of-the-art - especially with regards to their emission behavior.
Charging infrastructure
We have already invested significantly in our own charging infrastructure at our branches. We are thus creating the conditions for fast and flexible charging of our electric fleet after vehicles are being returned. In addition, we are currently rolling out our charging solution SIXT charge successively in Europe. This gives customers access to hundreds of thousands of public charge points directly in the SIXT app - during a rental with SIXT but also when driving other EVs.
Mobility platform
Our SIXT app and the mobility platform ONE behind it are already the linchpin for the simple and flexible use of our offers. The spectrum ranges from classic rental cars (SIXT rent) and car sharing (SIXT share) to ride-hailing services (SIXT ride) and car subscription (SIXT+). Our goal: maximum freedom in personal mobility - even without one’s own vehicle. We want to further expand this offering and continue to scale our platform into an ecosystem for sustainable mobility.
CO2 emissions at branches & sites
We want to reduce the CO2 emissions resulting from the operation of our branches and sites as quickly and as far as possible - for example by installing our own photovoltaic systems. The remaining emissions have been fully offset since 2023 through compensation projects.

Culture & New Work
SIXT stands for a culture with strong corporate values. We rely on first-class leadership and innovative ways of working. And on our unique Team Orange.” 

Our leaders are role models. They shape our culture. They inspire and excite us, communicate new perspectives and recognize their employees’ potential. We support and challenge our managers with the goal of leading not only with a focus on results, but also on values. This is what Premium Leadership stands for at SIXT.
At SIXT, it is not just about the job, it’s about true entrepreneurship. We want to create sustainable added value. Not just for our customers, but for every single employee. This includes first-class managers who promote the entrepreneurial thinking and actions of each individual. This empowerment is an elementary part of our orange DNA.
New Work
What does New Work mean at SIXT? In concrete terms: We use the opportunities of digitalisation and internationalisation to create an inspiring environment for our employees that supports personal development in the best possible way. We promote a culture of open discussion and constructive dialog. A high degree of freedom and personal responsibility from day one go hand in hand with exchange, support and regular feedback.
Diversity is an important part of our company culture, the engine of our success and the source of innovation and progress. As diverse as the jobs at SIXT are, so are the people who work for us. With our employee network DiverSIXTy, we live and promote this diversity. Because SIXT not only stands for a strong brand, but also for strong values. We rely on an open, respectful and appreciative company culture in which everyone can develop their personality and ideas.
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Our Global Team Orange

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Our responsibility

We are not a car rental business serving people. We are a people business renting cars.”
Code of Conduct
Our success as a company is based on an impressive business strategy and the daily commitment of our many thousands of employees around the world. It depends on each and every one of us to justify the trust that our customers and suppliers, shareholders and business partners place in us. Legally compliant and ethically impeccable behavior is vital for this.

In our Code of Conduct, you will find the basic principles and standards of behaviour of our company, with regard to ecology, social responsibility and governance, for example.
SIXT attaches great importance to promoting a culture of transparency and open speech. We encourage all our internal and external partners to report any breaches of the law that they might become aware of, including but not limited to violations of human rights and environmental standards. Please report any concerns you might have regarding a potential breach of the law by SIXT or by one of SIXT´s direct or indirect suppliers to our whistleblowing platform.
In addition, we give all of our employees and external stakeholders the opportunity to use our integrity tool to report misconduct or raise complaints about deficiencies related to human rights, environmental damage or ethical misbehavior within our supply chain.

Please note that more general comments regarding SIXT´s service or customer experiences should not be addressed to this platform but rather be sent to SIXT’s customer service.
Policy statement
We are a company that is aware of its responsibility for a sustainable supply chain. We even emphasize our commitment to respecting human rights, labour and environmental standards in our supply chain in our policy statement. We are committed to systematically identifying, avoiding and mitigating risks along our entire supply chain. To this end, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they also live up to our high standards. We believe that companies can play an important role in promoting a sustainable development. That is why we want to live up to our responsibility and continuously make improvements.

Our policy statement represents an important step along this route. We also realise that doing business sustainably is a shared task.

Supplier Code of Conduct
We strive to create responsible and sustainable value across our entire business spectrum and value chain. Our company’s performance is not based solely on successfully managing the business but also requires both, legal compliance and ethically impeccable behavior. This is essential in order to justify the confidence that customers and suppliers, shareholders and business partners as well as employees place in us. We expect our suppliers to follow the same principles. They must internalize our principles, which are manifested in our Code of Conduct, and promote them just as actively as we do. Our Supplier Code of Conduct reflects SIXT’s fundamental principles and sets minimum standards for business relationships with Sixt SE or any of its affiliated Group companies.

Regine Sixt Children´s Aid Foundation

For SIXT, sustainable entrepreneurship coupled with social responsibility is an essential part of the company culture. The Regine Sixt Childrens Aid Foundation DRYING LITTLE TEARS was founded by Regine Sixt in 2000 as Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe e.V. in Pullach, Germany. In 2011, it was converted into a charitable foundation under civil law. The foundation implements projects in the areas of education, health, welfare, and emergency aid. In doing so, it is supported voluntarily by SIXT employees all over the world and is committed to fighting poverty, promoting education and providing medical care for the smallest members of our society. Not least, the commitment in disaster areas is intended to increase life’s chances for children and enable them to develop healthily into adulthood. In close cooperation with the SIXT corporate and franchise countries, more than 300 projects have already been supported in over 60 countries. 

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360-degrees sustainable – SIXT adopts comprehensive programme for better climate protection