SIXT ride 10 Jul 2019

Flexible and fast to your destination: SIXT continues to expand its mobility platform and extends its cooperation with German taxi companies

  • Number one mobility service provider further extends its lead as Germany’s premier mobility platform
  • SIXT to collaborate with the taxi company Taxi Berlin effective immediately
  • SIXT App integrates taxi services in many major German cities for On-Demand trips via SIXT ride

Pullach, 10 July 2019 – Order a taxi via SIXT App: SIXT is further expanding its network of taxi partners on its integrated mobility platform and is now also collaborating with the Berlin-based taxi company Taxi Berlin. Customers can now book a taxi in the German capital and, as before, in the major cities of Munich, Frankfurt/Main, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and Hamburg at any time via SIXT ride. SIXT has already been working together with the taxi companies for several months and plans to further expand its range of services.

Book and pay – All in one App

With these partnerships, SIXT supplements the mobility offers of the SIXT App in the areas of SIXT rent (car rental) and SIXT share (car sharing) with so-called on-demand trips for immediately available transport in the area of SIXT ride (taxi and driving services). For this purpose, the company relies on the existing business structures of established taxi companies in Germany. This results in a variety of advantages for both sides: taxi companies offer all the technological prerequisites of a modern travel company taking the regulatory framework applicable in Germany into account. SIXT, on the other hand, is an established player in the tourism industry and cooperates with many international companies that use SIXT’s mobility solutions for their business trips. In addition, the company offers its services on various travel booking portals through which customers can organize their entire travel chain.

For both, business travellers and tourists, SIXT’s collaboration with the taxi industry means significant added value for their trips: The SIXT App makes booking and paying for trips simple and uncomplicated. For the first time, corporate travel managers now have the opportunity to professionally purchase and manage taxi services during the organization of a business trip. This simplifies often lengthy accounting processes and significantly increases planning transparency. And also for tourists from home and abroad, taxis are often the means of choice to reach their next destination after their arrival at the airport or the train station. Together with the German taxi industry, SIXT offers them an attractive offer, easy booking and flawless processes.

About SIXT
Sixt SE with its registered office in Pullach near Munich, is a leading international provider of high-quality mobility services. With its products SIXT rent, SIXT share, SIXT ride and SIXT+ on the mobility platform ONE the company offers a uniquely integrated premium mobility service across the fields of vehicle and commercial vehicle rental, car sharing, ride hailing and car subscriptions. The products can be booked through the SIXT app, which also integrates the services of its renowned mobility partners. SIXT has a presence in more than 100 countries around the globe. The company stands for consistent customer orientation, a lived culture of innovation with strong technological competence, a high proportion of premium vehicles in the fleet and an attractive price-performance ratio. In 2022, according to preliminary figures, the Sixt Group achieved a record consolidated pre-tax earnings of EUR 550 million and a significant increase in consolidated revenues to EUR 3.07 billion.   Sixt SE has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since 1986 (ISIN ordinary share: DE0007231326, ISIN preference share: DE0007231334).  

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